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How We Met?

After a week of talking on Plenty of Fish. On February 13th, 2016, Aaron and Jenna met at the American Joe's Bar & Grill located at the Short Hills Mall. The most beautiful girl was sitting outside next to the escalator and the most handsome man walked in. Once they looked into each others eyes they knew they would be together forever. They talked the night away and enjoyed each other's company and did not realize that they closed the restaurant down. As it was the day before Valentine's Day a very nice man from Godiva noticed we were still talking. He gave us 2 boxes of chocolate covered strawberries. Instead of spending Singles Awareness Day apart, we decided to spend the day together and have not been separated for more than 2 days the maximum. (BTW go see Deadpool).  

The Proposal:

On Saturday, October 29th, 2016, Aaron was DJing and hosting a karaoke event at Primo Pizza, Wayne, New Jersey. He always sings Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen to her at every karaoke event. This night was no exception. After singing he made a speech thanking everyone for coming. Her family surprised her with showing up during the proposal. (Side Note - it was Halloween and costumes were involved.)  When he asked her she yelled "YES!!!" and was surprised to see her family there. He picked the perfect ring with the help of her sister Marqaux, his Uncle Ralph and Aunt Lily.

And may the journey continue . . .